RR Automation s.r.o.

We are a company in Discrete Automation Industry and serve Light Assembly System.We seriously analysis the customer expectation,  to satisfy you with our innovative concept. We integrate the qualified components to your system and provide delight service. Our company produces single-purpose machines and assembly lines. Implementation proceeds according to customer requirements from 3D design to the final handover of its own equipment. We are engaged in assembly technologies such as tightening, riveting, welding, lubrication, as well as technologies for testing noise, current, tightness, etc.



  • Production of single-purpose machines
  • Production of assembly lines
  • Design of lines in industrial automation
  • Delivery of complex solutions
  • Testing of final products
  • Parts manufacturing (milling, turning machines)
  • Others

Technological know how

  • Tightening technology
  • Glueing technology
  • Riveting technology (toxing)
  • Welding technology (laser, hot plate welding)
  • Bonding technology
  • Technology of cold pressing
  • Hot pressing technology